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Audio Story Narration

I also love providing narrations for audio stories for YouTube content creators and podcasts. Checkout some of my work below!

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My Audio Story Narration Work

November 2022 - Present

Narrator - The Tale Teller Podcast 
A new storytelling podcast narrated by Glenda Villamar

November 2022

Narrator - Sherlock Holmes Fan Series by Toby Hall

YouTube - In Production

October 2022

Narrator - MidWinter Visitor by Toby Hall

YouTube - Releases 24th December 2022

August 2022

Eliza Beck - Episode: The Perfect Victim

Phoenix Fire Productions Audio Horror Story.

April 2022 - Present

Narrator - Glenda Blasts Your Ear Off Podcast

This is my flash fiction audio story podcast. The stories are written by collaborator Josh Busch and narrated by me. The podcast can be heard on most podcast platforms and on YouTube. Video of the live recording sessions can also be seen on YouTube.

July 2022

Narrator - The Monster, An Original Poem by Toby Hall

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