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Audio Dramas

I love being involved with audio dramas! They are so much fun! I strive to bring each character to life as imagined by the writer, and I provide quick turnaround and excellent quality sound files for producers. I would love to help bring your audio drama to life!


My Audio Drama Work

September 2023

Lieutenant La Saia - Starship Excelsior, Episode: The Fire In Which We Brun

September 2023

Mrs. Reid - Easthaven Eight Audio Drama, Episode 1: Aftermath

August 2023

Marie - Night of the Rider, After the Gloaming Audio Drama

August 2023

Sarah & The Bloody Woman - Twisted Tales of Madness & Murder, Episode: The Day It Stopped

July 2023

Sarah - Twisted Tales of Madness & Murder, Episode: The Big Catch

May 2023

Julie - Into The Psyche (Horror Audio Drama) - Jimmy Horrors YouTube Channel

March 2023

Sister Always - Wide End Audio Drama, Episode: Swimming in the Endless Sea

An audio drama by Kier Zhou, part of the No Return Audio Drama series.

February 2023

Mrs. Parks - Power Rangers Audio Drama Season 3, Episode 5 

YouTube - Scyther Inc. -

November 2022 - February 2023

Janet Van Dorn - The Trial of Bruce Wayne Audio Drama, Episodes 1 & 2

December 2022

Angela Fairweather - Power Rangers Audio Drama Season 3, Episode 4 

October 2022

Captain Mirimotas - Episode: When You Find A Necklace

MedusPod Podcast Audio drama,

October 2022

Daisy - Passing Through the Waters Audio Drama, Episode 1

Candy Is Yummy Productions ,

May 2022

Mary Wilkins- Episode: Imaginary, Tales of Madness and Murder Audio Drama

I am the voice of Mary Wilkins in the episode Imaginary of this audio drama podcast. Released 5/31/22

April 2022 - June 2022

Brianna - Kuiper Audio Drama, Episode 1 
Doctor Waltina - Kuiper Audio Drama, Episode 3 

I voice various characters in this fun audio drama sci-fi podcast by Candy is Yummy Productions,

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